to determine the volume of an irregular piece of silver Jennifer's emergency in a graduated cylinder filled with water and observes the water level rises from 60 cubic centimeters to 80 cubic centimeters ​

Accepted Solution

Answer:Here are some more problems to solve.Calculate the volume of a paperback book with the following dimensions:Length = 12 cmWidth = 3 cmHeight = 20 cmCalculate the volume of a steel bar with the following dimensions:Length = 5 cmWidth = 2 cmHeight = 30 cmNow determine the density of the steel bar if its mass is 2.34 kg. (Hint: Convert to grams first.)A cork has a volume of 5.0 cm3 and a mass of 1.2 grams. Calculate its density.Water has a density of 1 g/cm3. If you placed a cork and a steel paper clip in a jar of water, what do you think would happen? Use your knowledge of density to explain the outcome.Step-by-step explanation: